Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Of all the trees we grow for bonsai, Trident maple is probably the most responsive to any technique used to grow them. I love these fused trunk trees for making incredible bases. The very nature of callus on most trees causes visual disconnect because we just don't like "scar tissue". Trident have the amazing ability to blend the callus and "disappear"  into what looks like an aged trunk only achieved through time.

Trees at this stage of development are ready to begin their bonsai journey. There has been no bonsai technique used in getting it here, only growing technique. The most regurgitated pieces of information in bonsai is applying finishing technique when growing technique is needed.
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  1. trident maples are incredible trees so versatile and vigorous are there any cultivars or varieties of Acer buergerianum that are especially good to use for bonsai?

    1. Sage, there are a few cultivars available but I only use the species. From seedlings I select some that have good qualities such as smaller leaves, shorter petiole and internodes or are exceptional growers. These are used as propagating stock. If doing multi-trunk or forest it's important to use clones instead of seedlings because of seedling variation.

  2. I really like the Miyasama variety as well. The leaves are leathery and have beautiful fall color, and the spring flowers are quite a site, the real attraction of the variety!